Vail Resorts Gold Peak Race Course

ELM utilized a Cut and Remove strategy in which trees were cut, whole tree skid to a landing and processed for removal. All slash was processed through a wood waste grinder and chips hauled off site to be re-purposed as Electrical Energy. All runs were masticated and left ski-ready.


The scope of this project called for both mechanical and manual treatment of 932 acres.

We utilized professional hand crews as well as a mechanical crew utilizing Feller Bunchers, Forwarders, Chippers, Wood Waste Grinders, Log Trucks and Truck/Chip Trailer combinations.

Work was performed in canyons, on the golf course and near residential areas. This project demanded adaptability to difficult situations due to the area remaining open to the public during thinning operations, extreme work sites due to steep slopes and limited access, as well as the high profile view of the surrounding neighbors and tourists.


The scope of work for this project called for mechanical treatment of approximately 2200 acres by product removal and/or mulching of Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir.

The first phase of the project was meachanically mulched by a Hydro Ax mounted with an 8" Rotary Ax Mulching Attachment.

The second phase involved removal of larger diameter trees by cutting with a Timbco Feller Buncher, skidding to a landing and hauling off-site with conventional log trucks.

This project was located near Cheeseman Reservoir, which is one of the main water storage facilities for the water supply for Denver, CO. Due to the heat of the fire, there was a crust layer on the ground which inhibited the growth of soil stabilizing grasses. As a result, there was an iminent threat of sediment runoff and soil erosion.

We utilized the Hydro Ax mounted with 8' Rotary Ax Mulching Attachments to mulch standing burnt trees. The machines were outfitted with "bear claw" style tire chains to break the crust layer which allowed the natural grasses to grow and aid in stabilizing the soil. We also utilized directional felling equipment to cut and place trees in drainages to act as a filter for sediment runoff.

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